Barbra Streisand Sues to Suppress Free Speech Protection for Widely Acclaimed Website

Barbra Streisand, known for espousing pro-environmental views and criticizing those who don't, has sued the California Coastal Records Project, a landmark photographic database of over 12,000 frames of the California coast shot since 2002, asserting that the inclusion of a single frame that includes her blufftop Malibu estate invades her privacy, violates the "anti-paparazzi" statute, seeks to profit from her name, and threatens her security. Other defendants in the case were the Project's Internet Service Provider, Layer42.NET, and Pictopia.COM, who provided finished prints of the photographs (both now defunct).

Since shortly after our web site "went live", Barbra Streisand has been complaining about a photograph on our web site, 3% of which covers her home. In February 2003, we received a threatening letter from her attorney, John Gatti of Alschuler Grossman Stein & Kahan LLP, demanding that we "immediately cease and desist from photographing and displaying and identifying photographs of Ms. Streisand's home on the website [...]".

The photo Barbra Streisand is complaining about

We refuse to be intimidated by these tactics, which would undermine our constitutional protection of free speech and which would compromise the integrity of this historical and scientific database. As a result of which, we received a second threatening letter.

Our goal is to create a complete record of the California coastline. This record has been used by a number of government, university, press, and environmental groups (partial list) free of charge. It is not possible to provide the public with a complete record without the photographs of the coast that happen to include Ms. Streisand's estate. We do not believe in giving special treatment to wealthy coastal land owners.

Ms. Streisand, who purports to espouse the First Amendment right of freedom of speech. apparently feels differently when the publication of a photograph shows her backyard.

Here is a copy of the Complaint that Ms. Streisand filed against us in Superior Court in Los Angeles. Here is a complete set of court documents. All of her claims are frivolous and will be vigorously defended.

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Coastal Archivist Files Anti-SLAPP Motion Against Barbra Streisand to Safeguard Website Documenting the California Coast

Motion Cites Unlawful Prosecution In Effort to Curb Free Speech Protections

Kenneth Adelman, creator of the California Coastal Records Project, a scientific photographic database documenting the California coast, obtained an early hearing date for his anti-SLAPP motion against Barbra Streisand in Los Angeles Superior Court. The anti-SLAPP motion is in response to Streisand's earlier suit against Adelman, the website's Internet Service Provider, Layer42.NET, and Pictopia.COM. The court agreed with Adelman that the anti-SLAPP motion should be heard first before hearing Streisand's retaliatory effort to obtain an injunction against the website.

SLAPP suits, or Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, have been recognized in California as lawsuits that are brought against individuals, corporations or organizations in an attempt to silence defendants who speak out on matters of public concern. In many instances, the case is without legal merit but the suit is filed to harass and intimidate the defendant into submission. "We find it shocking that an environmentalist like Barbra Streisand would file a SLAPP suit against this project," said Kenneth and Gabrielle Adelman. "This sort of activity against public participation is a tactic normally employed by polluters such as Shell Oil and Texaco. We are determined to fight to protect this website and to continue to make it available to the public."

Here is a copy of the Anti-SLAPP Motion to Strike that we have filed in the Superior Court in Los Angeles. The hearing was held on July 14th through July 18th. Here is a complete set of court documents.

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For more information on SLAPP suits, visit the California Anti-SLAPP Project.

Barbra Streisand's Lawsuit to Silence Coastal Website to be Dismissed

Free Speech Protections Upheld for Landmark Aerial Database

In a decision that reaffirms the public's First Amendment right to participate in matters of public significance, a Los Angeles Superior Court issued a 46-page opinion on December 3, 2003 holding that Barbra Streisand, the well-known entertainer and Hollywood celebrity, abused the judicial process by filing a lawsuit against aerial archivist Ken Adelman, his Internet Service Provider Layer42.NET, and Pictopia.COM. The court also firmly rejected Streisand's request for an injunction to force the removal of a panoramic photographic frame that happens to include her sprawling blufftop estate from Adelman's website,

Here is a copy of the Tentative Ruling of the court. Here is a complete set of court documents.

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Barbra Streisand's Lawsuit Dismissed

Affirming his earlier tentative ruling, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge issued a 45-page opinion on December 31, 2003 dismissing Barbra Streisand's lawsuit.

Here is a copy of the Final Ruling of the court. Here is a complete set of court documents.

Barbra Streisand Ordered to Pay Legal Fees

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered that Barbra Streisand pay the defendants in this case a total of $177,107.54 in legal fees and court costs.

Here is a copy of the Ruling of the court. Here is a complete set of court documents.

Barbra Streisand Pays Legal Fees

Streisand delivered to my attorney a check for $155,567.04 for my portion of the legal fees:

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